Avnsø swimming lake

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Avnsø is one of Zealand’s cleanest lakes. There’s a jetty, picnic tables and a fire pit, not to mention a super fun rope swing that lets you dangle briefly over the edge of the lake.

A mixture of soil and coarse sand, the beach is 5-10 metres wide and 50 metres long. The lake bottom is sandy and the water slowly gets deeper away from the shore. The shallow area is nice for families with young children. At its deepest point, Avnsø is 8 metres deep.

Surrounded by woodland, Avnsø is located in a beautiful natural landscape.

Parking is available at the end of Vernersmindevej, Særløse, where there is an information sign and leaflets with suggestions for walks.


Addresse Vernersmindevej, Særløse
4330 Hvalsø
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Längengrad: 55.556506134
Breite: 11.897079137

Avnsø swimming lake

Addresse Vernersmindevej, Særløse 
4330 Hvalsø