Naturlagerplätze Hardersminde

Foto: Destination Djursland


Naturgebiet Für Wanderer, Radfahrer, - keine Autos. Es gibt keinen Zugang für Gäste mit Autos, Motorräder, Wohnmobile. Wohnwagen, Roller, Mopeds

Accommodation in nature: 

You cannot just put up your tent wherever you want. But for those who do not make special demands on comfort and who want to stay in nature, there are primitive natural camp sites around Djursland. You can sleep at these places, but there is no access for cars, caravans, campervans or motorbikes.

The sites are often equipped with running water and toilet, and at some of the sites there are shelters. You can max have two nights each place and be aware that there may be a small cost for accommodation.

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Addresse Hardersmindevej 1
8963 Auning
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Naturlagerplätze Hardersminde

Addresse Hardersmindevej 1 
8963 Auning
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