Guidet tours running in Tisvilde Hegn

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North Trim, the local running club, is offering to guide you through some of Tisvilde Hegns hidden secrets. 
You will be taken on an alternative tour where we will actively explore the forest.
We combine exercise with experience and nature in a fun way, and we bring the social element in the center rather than the hard training.

Distance: about 10 km 
Tempo: about 6 min / km

Price dkk. pr. person.


Addresse Skovporten ved Tisvilde Hovedgade
3220 Tisvildeleje
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Längengrad: 56.05591962
Breite: 12.087487936

Guidet tours running in Tisvilde Hegn

Addresse Skovporten ved Tisvilde Hovedgade 
3220 Tisvildeleje
T 40434737